Affordable Quality Solar Power Systems

We're passionate about solar power and making solar systems an affordable option for Australian households.

Each  Solar PV system is custom designed, taking into consideration current electricity usage, roof structure & potential for roof shading.

We back our installations with quality components and strive to make sure that every customer is happy from the initial contact right through to turning on their newly installed system.

We take the hard work out of switching to solar by taking care of everything for you. This includes applying to connect your system to the electricity grid and arranging connection of your solar meter.
We’ll also take care of the solar rebate paperwork for you.

Andreazza Solar specialise in custom designed solar solutions for your home or business.

Our Solar Assessment & Installation Process

Step 1.


Electricity usage analysis.
System output calculations.

Step 2.

Acceptance of Proposal

You’ve  formally accepted and signed your quotation.

A 25% deposit is made.

Step 3.

Detailed Design & Booking

Site visit.

You will be contacted to organise a date for installation. This normally will happen between two to six weeks after contact.

Detailed electrical design of your solar system.

Structural design.

Network connection agreements.

Step 4.


Installation of the system will be completed.

Step 5.

Testing & Commissioning

We arrange the connection of your meter to the grid. This can take approximately 20 business days. We ensure the entire system is working optimally

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Quality Components

PV Modules

Solar panels can either be polycrystalline or monocrystalline

The choice between mono and poly is usually not the most important to consider when choosing panels.

It is important that you install a good quality module that will last 25+ years on your roof.


The job of the inverter is to convert the DC electricity that the solar panels produce into 240V AC electricity which is what everything in your home or business will use.

String inverters will sit in an inside area and will connect to the set of panels on your roof. Another piece of equipment is called a micro inverter which is attached individually, resulting in more energy produced.

Inverters operate all day and are therefore more likely to wear out, so we always encourage our customers to invest in premium inverters. 

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Battery Storage

Tesla Powerwall 2 is set to revolutionise the home battery storage market.

The Tesla Powerwall 2 is a rechargeable battery system and an energy storage device. It has double the storage capacity of the original Powerwall. Its front-line solar battery technology that means you can make the most of your solar system.

Tesla Powerwall, charged with a state of the art solar panel system, holds enough energy to power an average home through the night.

How does the Tesla Powerwall 2 work?

If you produce solar during the day and aren’t at home to use that electricity, it would normally be fed to the grid for a fraction of the retail price. But with the Powerwall 2 installed at your home you can feed that excess electricity into your home battery after the sun has set.

The Powerwall 2 allows you to store and use 13.2kwH of electricity, much more than many other products on the market.

Solar -

Solar Maintenance

All Andreazza Solar installations include 12 months of after sale services.

All solar systems need to be serviced on a regular basis.

Not many people are aware of the benefits of a full system service and why they should be conducted.

All solar systems need to be serviced on a regular basis to ensure all components are operating to their design standards. It can only take one module on your system to be dirty and not producing maximum output to lower the whole systems efficiency.

As part of our after sale service, we offer the first solar service and clean 12 months after installation.

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Electrical Services

Andreazza Electrical can cater for all of your domestic, commercial, industrial or rural electrical needs.

We cover all aspects of electrical from new homes and developments through to smaller jobs and general maintenance with a complete focus on safety and quality.

Air Conditioning

Andreazza Electrical custom design ducted and split ducting air conditioning systems that provide complete climate control solutions for any home in the demanding year round weather in the region.